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Join me at Oracle Open World 2018

Oracle Open World is almost here!

Oracle Open World and Oracle Code One will be happening together and I will be giving sessions in both, check out this list if you’d like to join me:


9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. | Moscone West – Overlook 2A (HOL) – Along with Christopher Jones and Anthony Tuininga
Python and Oracle Database: Scripting for the Future – BYOL [HOL5052]
Get hands-on, and learn the features of the Python cx_Oracle interface for Oracle Database. Learn efficient techniques for connection management, statement handling, and more. If you want to use Python and Oracle Database, this session is for you. Basic programming skills in any language are required.Please review the prerequisite information here in preparation for the lab.


12:30 p.m. – 12:50 p.m. | The Exchange @ Moscone South – Theater 6
AskTOM Mini Lesson: Rapid REST Enablement with Oracle REST Data Services [THT6899]
In this session see how to REST-enable a database using Oracle REST Data Services. See the steps, including “auto REST-enabling” a table, creating a specific REST service using an Oracle REST Data Services wizard, and then exporting the SQL generated by these tools, which you can include in your deploy scripts and/or use to learn how to write your own REST services using only SQL. If there is enough time the session also includes a walk-through of the process of adding security to your new REST services. Leave this session with an understanding of how to quickly create REST services on your own database.

2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. | Marriott Marquis (Yerba Buena Level) – Salon 3/4 – Along with Christopher Jones and Anthony Tuininga
Python and Oracle Database 18c: Scripting for the Future [HOL6329] Get hands-on and learn the features of the Python cx_Oracle interface for Oracle Database. In this session learn efficient techniques for connection management, statement handling, and more. If you want to use Python and Oracle Database, this session is for you. Basic programming skills in any language are required.

4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. | Moscone West – Room 2010
DevOps Tools for Database Developers [DEV5055]
Are you still thinking about modernizing your database development process…someday…maybe? Do you have directories full of .sql files you use to build your application? You know that unit tests should be included as part of your build process, and you are going to start adding them…maybe next week? If you have an Oracle Cloud account, you may be surprised at what tools you already have access to and how easy it is to get started. This session takes a look at Oracle Developer Cloud Service. It discusses some of the included tools and explores mixing in some open source tools you can use to automate building and testing your applications. The sooner you get started, the more it will save you in the long run.


2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. | Moscone West – Room 3009
IoT for Oracle Database: Soldering, Python, and a Little PL/SQL [TRN4077]
Using way too much electricity and not quite sure where? Tracking usage is a great start, but analyzing data is easiest in a database. Building on the “Watch me make a Watt-watcher” project, this session begins with an overview of the steps and components used to assemble the hardware. Data ingestion to an Oracle Database Cloud is made straight forward with the Python cx_Oracle driver. Get an overview of other cx_Oracle features useful to IoT projects as well, and come away with the tools to track the data in your own projects and hopefully some new ideas. (But no electrical burns!)

My schedule could still change.  If it does, I’ll update this post.

If you can’t make my sessions and would like to meet up and chat, you can leave a comment here or send me a tweet.

There’s a lot going on all week and it’s going to be an awesome conference.  I hope to see you there!

Followup to my session on the Oracle Database Development Web Series

Oracle Database Development  Web Series

Of course any demo must come with a bug

The git clone bug I had in SQL Developer was entirely my fault.

Prior to my session, I was cleaning up.  I had SQL Developer open and I deleted my project working directory using the command line.

After the session, restarting SQL Developer solved the problem and I was able to clone again.

I left out a part

Afterwards I had a question about using credentials when cloning from GitHub.  I had intended to briefly address this when cloning the repo with SQL Developer  but by the time I got past my mistake I forgot.  Here’s a link that will explain how to clone from GitHub better than I can.

Links used in the session

I hope the session was useful and, as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Check out the new Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

The new Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards program is designed to recognize outstanding members of the Oracle Database development community.
You may already be familiar with the Oracle ACE program, but this program has a few differences.  Rather than winners being chosen by Oracle the process will be controlled by the developer community.
  • Community members will make the nominations.
  • Finalists will be chosen by panels of ACEs.
  • The winners will be chosen by community members votes.
The award categories for  2015 are:
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle REST Data Services
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Database Design


Feel free to submit comments for other categories to be considered for next year.

This program has been designed to use a more open community driven process.  We want to recognize those developers among us who have made the most positive contributions to our community.

Kscope15 The Other Days

I covered Monday in another post.  After that, I got really wrapped up in everything going on and didn’t get any more posts up.  Now I’m home and I can try to remember and summarize.  Forgive me if I forget anything, it’s a whirlwind of activity.

I’ve been exploring other technologies for the past couple years so some of my Oracle skills got rusty and I missed some cool stuff.  Fortunately there were plenty of opportunities to do a little catch up.

I really enjoyed every single session I attended.  The speakers were very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions.

Just a quick summary:

  • Mark Doran taught me some interesting Analytic functions.
  • Maria Colgan showed how to configure your system to get the most out of Oracle Database In-Memory.
  • Noel Potugal and Jeremy Ashely made me come home and dig out my Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.
  • Craig Shallahamer helped me understand Queuing much better, (and even a little bit about how hamburgers cook.)
  • Melanie Caffrey explained how to set up EBR for simplified Pl/SQL releases, and even got me thinking about some alternate uses that I need to go experiment with.
  • Kris Rice demonstrated Oracle REST Data Services and answered everything I could think of just as I was thinking of new questions.
  • Attending the Women In Technology session opened my eyes to some issues I had not thought of.
  • In a database developer session, speaking with people in the halls and even discussing developer environments on the bus to Nikki Beach, I learned there are plenty of misconceptions about the available tools, such as git.

I met so many interesting people from all over the world that I’m still trying to place conversations with faces.

To be honest, I was mostly excited to go to Kscope15 because it was the first chance to meet a couple people on our Developer Advocates team.  I knew some of the sessions would be interesting but probably not related to what I’m doing.  That is the kind of being wrong that I like!

Kscope has become one of my top picks.  I need to get some decent material ready for the next one so I can make a contribution.  It’s going to be difficult to measure up.

Thanks for a great time and I hope to see everyone again soon.


KScope15 Monday

The first two sessions I attended were from Tom Kyte (ask Tom) titled, All (Well, a Lot) about SQL.

Over the years it seems like I get busy working on this critical project or that show stopper bug. New stuff comes out and I skim the titles and decide “I’ll come back and dig in in a few days.” Somehow I rarely go back and dig in. The new features I pick up mostly come from things others put in the code or internet searches to fix an immediate issue.

Watching Tom go through feature after feature it seems like he was reading straight off of my “I’ll get to it” list. Of course, his explanations of the examples are so good that I came away with a better understanding of the things I still don’t know, but at least now I know more about what I don’t know.

Next, I went to Team Development in the Cloud: Introduction to Oracle Developer Cloud Service, by Brian Fry.

Brian gave a great overview of the tools available in the Development Cloud offering. I’ve been using some of them for about a month but like I mentioned above, there were a few that I plan to get too soon. Now, thanks to Brian, I’ll have a head start in figuring them out. But it looks like there’s enough in there, that my list just grew a bit more.

One thing I would like to see is an option to use Gradle, I’m not a big Maven fan, but given everything in the suite I’m sure I can make do with it.

It is nice to just pop an entire development environment up as a service, I can see this saving me so much time.

I’m really looking forward to the IDE in the cloud feature when it comes out. Maybe I can scale down what I require in a laptop.

For my last session of the day I attended Galo Balda’s presentation, Getting Started with Row Pattern Matching in Oracle 12c.

Another thing on my list. I really need to take some time an work on that list.

Galo had several great examples and use cases that really showed me how MATCH_RECOGNIZE can be much more useful than I previously thought. He set a good pace throughout the presentation; fast enough to keep it interesting but it allowed enough time to absorb each example.

I look forward to more from Galo.

I floated in and out of each community event in the evening.  Met quite a few people and had a great time.