Kscope15 The Other Days

I covered Monday in another post.  After that, I got really wrapped up in everything going on and didn’t get any more posts up.  Now I’m home and I can try to remember and summarize.  Forgive me if I forget anything, it’s a whirlwind of activity.

I’ve been exploring other technologies for the past couple years so some of my Oracle skills got rusty and I missed some cool stuff.  Fortunately there were plenty of opportunities to do a little catch up.

I really enjoyed every single session I attended.  The speakers were very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions.

Just a quick summary:

  • Mark Doran taught me some interesting Analytic functions.
  • Maria Colgan showed how to configure your system to get the most out of Oracle Database In-Memory.
  • Noel Potugal and Jeremy Ashely made me come home and dig out my Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.
  • Craig Shallahamer helped me understand Queuing much better, (and even a little bit about how hamburgers cook.)
  • Melanie Caffrey explained how to set up EBR for simplified Pl/SQL releases, and even got me thinking about some alternate uses that I need to go experiment with.
  • Kris Rice demonstrated Oracle REST Data Services and answered everything I could think of just as I was thinking of new questions.
  • Attending the Women In Technology session opened my eyes to some issues I had not thought of.
  • In a database developer session, speaking with people in the halls and even discussing developer environments on the bus to Nikki Beach, I learned there are plenty of misconceptions about the available tools, such as git.

I met so many interesting people from all over the world that I’m still trying to place conversations with faces.

To be honest, I was mostly excited to go to Kscope15 because it was the first chance to meet a couple people on our Developer Advocates team.  I knew some of the sessions would be interesting but probably not related to what I’m doing.  That is the kind of being wrong that I like!

Kscope has become one of my top picks.  I need to get some decent material ready for the next one so I can make a contribution.  It’s going to be difficult to measure up.

Thanks for a great time and I hope to see everyone again soon.


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