Learn -> Code -> Share

A little about me and what I’m trying to accomplish.


I’m Blaine Carter.  I’m part of Oracle’s Developer Advocate team.  My ‘focus‘ is open source. Having such a narrow focus, I’ll be jumping around a lot. Going deeper into some things I think I know and learning some new stuff.

I tend to pick up new things fairly quick.  I like to learn a bit, then code something.  Preferably something that interests me, that makes it stick in my head better.  However, the thing that really makes the learning stick is when I share what I’ve learned.  To that end, I’ll be making some tutorials, videos and posts.  I’m sure they won’t be anywhere near perfect, but it will help me learn and I hope help others avoid some of the mistakes I’m going to make.

If something I’m doing is wrong, don’t be afraid to let me know. I’ve got a pretty thick hide on me and I think we learn more from what we do wrong than from what we do right.

That’s really the point of this blog. I’d like to help encourage people to Learn -> Code -> Share -> repeat.

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